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Our Events

Whether you want to hire our mobile laser tag service for a birthday, school event, festival, vacation care or any other event, we’re happy to host!

Birthday Parties

An ideal size for a birthday party is between 14 and 20 players because it’s affordable and the players work together better. If you expect more players, please inform us at the time of your booking, and we’ll send you an updated quote. We charge $30 for each extra gun.

Good Behaviour Days and School Reward Days

It’s a very popular format of school events. Set up the battlefield in a school hall or on your oval. Up to 40 students can play at once. 30-minute format (on rotation basis) is the most popular. Just let us know the number of classes/groups and total number of students, and we’ll calculate the best options for your event.

Sports Breakups

For break-ups and sport festivals we recommend to book 30-gun package, which comes with XL battlefield of 24 inflatable bunkers in different shapes and sizes.

Vacation Care incursions

Our Standard 3-hour Vacation Care package comes with 14 guns. It’s perfect for groups of up to 84 kids. If you are expecting more kids, we recommend to use a Large Vacation Care pack (20 guns, XXL battlefield, up to 120 kids). Click here for more info. 

School Fetes and Festivals

A 30-gun package, which includes an extra-large battlefield is what we would recommend for large events. Click here to see your options and calculate the total cost of your laser tag event.

Youth and Church Groups

We run two types of Youth events. The first one comes with up to 40 gaming guns, and no inflatables. The second one comes with 20 or 30 guns and inflatable bunkers. We run both indoor and outdoor youth laser tag sessions. Traditionally, Fridays are the days for Youth sessions. So, hurry up and book it now!

Holiday Camps

There is no need for inflatables, as the players can use trees, sheds, lodges, or other buildings to hide behind and play around. That’s what makes these sessions more affordable. Simply decide how many guns do you need (20,30, or 40) and we’ll send a quote to you.

Corporate Team Building

Looking for some corporate fun? We can bring laser tag to your office, warehouse, or set up the battlefield in front of your HQ building. Indoor or outdoor, in a park or on a parking – you decide, we organise.

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