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Planning a Kids Birthday Party?

All kids love birthday parties, and the older they get, the bigger the parties become (if you can believe it). If you’re planning a birthday party for your child or someone else’s, why not throw some laser tag into the mix? Here are the reasons why laser tag will appeal to boys and girls alike.

Fortnite-themed birthday parties have become all the rage among kids, and it’s easy to see why! This popular video game has players working together or against each other to build fortresses to defend themselves and loot to gain victory. By choosing a Laser Tag birthday party, you can combine the joy of video games with one of the most exciting party themes ever—Mobile Laser Tag! You should consider booking a mobile laser tag for your child’s next birthday party.

Essential tips on How to plan a laser tag party

It might be challenging to choose what to do for your child’s special day when there are so many birthday party alternatives available. However, laser tag is a great option if you’re looking for a lively, enjoyable party that will keep youngsters occupied for hours. It’s a distinctive experience. How many kids have attended a laser tag party? Most kids have attended a pool party or the cinema for their birthday. They will cherish this exceptional experience for years to come.

It’s an excellent exercise for kids, who spend much too much time in front of devices these days.

Tip # 1

Format, venue and provider

Many parents are familiar with classic birthday party options like old-school “pew-pew” arcade laser tag, bowling, and go-karts. But what about a mobile laser skirmish birthday party in your backyard, or the local park?

Here are four reasons why laser tag is the best option for your kid’s birthday party.

1. It’s active and engaging. Kids (and their parents) will love running around and playing laser tag. And with different game modes, there’s something for everyone. Also, mobile laser tag is a great safe activity for any age from 5 y.o.

2. It’s affordable – The laser tag is a great value for the price. You can invite a whole class to your kid’s laser tag birthday party, as we can rotate the groups, so everyone would have their turn.

3. It’s safe – What can be safer than a laser tag kids party on your backyard or in a quiet neighbourhood park? With supervised play and risk assessment and harmless guns, our mobile laser tag is a safe option for kids of all ages.

4. Carefully choose your party provider. Red Scorpion Laser Tag will take care of your party. We specialize on all kinds of Birthday Parties from 2013. We come to you, set up the battlefield and other equipment, run the party and pack up. You just sit back and relax

Tip # 2

Treats for guests

Laser tag birthday parties are all the rage right now, and for good reason! They’re a great way to get kids active, they’re super fun, and they can be tailored to any age group. Plus, what kid doesn’t love lasers? If you’re looking for a unique and memorable birthday party for your child, look no further than laser tag! 

1. Choose a party theme. It can be a Fortnite or Minecraft party, army party or Superhero party.

2. Provide some light snacks and water. We’ll do short drink & snack brakes every 25-30 minutes

3. Cake! Cake!! Cake!!! See some party cake ideas here

4. Don’t forget loot bags. Kids love them!

Tip # 3

Consider the party budget

As with any event, you’ll need to consider your budget when planning a laser tag birthday party. Luckily, laser tag is a relatively affordable option, especially when compared to some of the more popular alternatives like paintball. Plus, there are often deals and discounts available if you plan ahead. 

1. The cost of renting or buying equipment. You pay for what you get. In Red Scorpion Laser Tag, there are no hidden fees. Even a credit card surcharge is on us.

2. The cost of venue rental. Hire us to set up the battlefield in your backyard, and save hundreds of dollars on a venue hire!

3. The cost of food and drinks. Good birthday cake, snacks, and a lot of water- that’s what the kids need during a laser tag party.

4. The cost of the invitation and other party supplies. Check out our free printable invites! Also, you may order some customised themed invites or supplies here or here.

5. Any additional costs associated with your chosen theme. We recommend you get good loot bags, balloons, and some party decorations to make your kid’s birthday party outstanding. 

It's the best birthday party experience to have for any child!

Therefore, you want to plan a kid’s birthday party. We, Red Scorpion Laser Tag, specialize in bringing entertaining laser tag events and parties with Army, Superhero, or Fortnite themes directly to your front door. The advantages of laser tag over a conventional kids’ birthday party are numerous. We can’t wait for you to read our blog and discover the reasons why having laser tag at a party is a terrific idea. We invite you to explore our website and get in touch with a member of our team if you’re interested in learning more.